How to become an ambassador ?

You only have to fill in the form below to receive all the information you need.

Kate will contact you afterwards to coordinate the process.



You will receive a personal code before June 9th that you will be able to share with the members of your club.
This code will have to be used on TicketMaster by everyone who wants to purchase a ticket.
The ambassador action will be available between June 9th and June 30th.


1. You will receive a unique and personal discount code that will be sent to you by email. Share the code with your club members so they can purchase their ticket.s on Ticketmaster. 
2. Ambassador benefits cannot be combined with other promotions.
3. The promotion is 1 free ticket for every 25 tickets sold with your personal code (for example: if 100 tickets are sold with your code, you get 4 free tickets.)
4. You can use your free ticket.s for the day of your choice (2 tickets for the same day or for different days if you prefer.)
5. Prices are inclusive of VAT (6%) and other charges.
6. The ambassador action will be live from June 9th to June 30th, exclusively for ambassadors
7. Promotion valid until tickets are sold out or starting June 20th.
8. A Bullpadel Brussels Padel Open Ambassador T-shirt will normally be available at the World Padel Agency stand during the Belfius Padel Summer Gala.
9. In case of postponement due to force majeure including Covid, your tickets will either be valid for the next Belfius Padel Summer Gala or will be refunded by Ticketmaster (see Ticketmaster general conditions)
10. In case of cancellation due to force majeure including Covid, your tickets will be refunded by Ticketmaster (see Ticketmaster general conditions)

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ


What is the exclusive ambassador week for ticketing? 

The exclusive ambassador week begins on 09/06 at 08.00 and ends on 30/06 at 22.00 and after that it is the prices and tickets for the general public.

What is the special Ticketmaster code for ambassadors? 

It is a personal code for the ambassador to share to the members of his club or contacts.

I am an ambassador for several clubs, do I receive / use only one code?

If you are an ambassador for several clubs, you will receive a unique Ticketmaster code for all the clubs you represent and the promotion will be accounted for in your name. (If you sell 75 tickets within 3 clubs, you’ll receive 3 free tickets.)

Are there special rates for children?

Children under 16 will have a 40% discount on the price of the general admission tickets meaning that there will not be a specific price for children within the ambassador action. Children under 3 years old won’t have to pay a ticket as they will be seated on their parents lap.

Additional useful programme details ? 

Friday, 19 August- The quarter-finals: See the new program description.

Saturday, 20 August The semi-finals: See the new program description.

Sunday, 21 August The finals: See the new program description.

I would like to organise a bus for my club members to come to the event :

– The cost of the bus is your responsibility.

 – Mandatory reservation please: notify so that the parking space for the bus and the high tables in the Food village area for the members of your club are reserved and that the name of your club is placed. This will be the rallying point of your club.

How do I get my Bullpadel ambassador t-shirt ?

Each ambassador, officially recognized and approved, will be able to pick up their official Bullpadel Belfius Padel Summer Gala Ambassador t-shirt at the World Padel Agency stand in the Padel Village.

Are there any Hotels working with the event ?

We will offer you a list of hotels for those who want to spend one or more nights in Knokke-Heist.


The difference between Brussels and Knokke?

Tour&taxis, Brussels from 3 to 8 May, 2022: an Open is an official stage of the World Padel Tour world Championship, giving points and prize money, with the Main Draw  including the 60 best players in the world: the Circus Brussels Padel Open/trophy Belfius will take place for the first time in Belgium!

Knokke from 18 to 21 August, 2022: will be the national padel day at the coast /at the sea with the finals of the Belgian championship of the World Padel Tour and 8 of the 15 best players as well as 4 of the 8 best players in the world. Fun, show, gala, glitter, music, gastronomy, shopping, beach, strolls,… at the 1st Padel Summer Gala of World Padel Tour at Knokke in World premiere.

I still have a question, who to contact? 

Kate Camilleri:

  • general ambassador relations

  • bus parking reservation + names on high tables

  • purchase of tickets by ambassadors

  • any other question