In 2021, we celebrated the 1st edition of the VdH Padel Exhibition
With more than 15.000 people, we can say that it was a huge success.

We’ve partnered up with the World Padel Tour to present to you the first ever Belfius Padel Summer Gala.


On June 9th will begin the ambassador action… You’ll be able to buy your ticket through all ambassadors in your padel club for a advantageous price. The action will last until June 30th.

The price range will be : 

Friday August 19th – 22,95€
Saturday August 20th – 27,20€
Sunday August 21st – 25,5€


On June 20th will start the general ticketing for the Belfius Padel Summer Gala. Youngsters under 16 will benefit from a 40% discount on the price of the ticket.

The price range will be : 

Friday August 19th – 27€
Saturday August 20th – 32€
Sunday August 21st – 30€

price for kids between 3 to 16:

Friday August 19th – 16,20€

Saturday August 20th – 19,20€
Sunday August 21st – 18€